How to Enrich Your Geographical Trade Areas with Demographic Information Using Alteryx

In order to maximise the accuracy of our outputs, we should look to obtain demographic information at the lowest level of detail we can find, and, the newest information we can find.

In the UK, the Office of National Statistics release mid-year population estimates, broken down by age and gender at the level of Lower Super Output Areas (commonly referred to as LSOAs). In the UK, LSOAs are geographical areas that contain some average of 1000 residents and 650 households, whilst other characteristics such as social homogeneity also play a role in defining their boundaries.

Vector and Raster: A Tale of Two Spatial Data Types

In the world of spatial analysis, there are two major varieties of data: vector and raster. The divide between these two data types and the people that use them has raged on for decades.

Although it is true that vector and raster data are both ways of representing spatial data, and most data can be represented as either vector or raster, the data types are very different, and each one can shine brighter than the other for different use cases and data sets.

Are You Passionate for Alteryx?

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Building your personal brand. Advocacy allows you to promote your innovative and forward-thinking approaches to problem solving.