Business Cases

Some examples of real-world business cases where Alteryx has been used.

Stratasys Generates Big Time Savings by Automating Repetitive Reporting

“The visualization tools weren’t working for us and we knew that we were missing something. Then we started looking at the advanced analytics capabilities of the Alteryx platform, and we realized this was the solution we needed.”  Read more


Monthly Excel Report Automation

Before Alteryx – 4-5 Days

After Alteryx – < 1 Hour

(Details at bottom)


Additional Dataset for Dashboard – Blend 3rd Party Data

Before Alteryx – Meetings, Dev, Test, Production – 1-2 Weeks

After Alteryx – Meeting, Dev, Test, Production – 1.5 Days


Dashboard Taking too Long to Load/Refresh

Before Alteryx (Calculation done in App) – Refresh 8-10 Seconds

After Alteryx (Calculations done by Alteryx) – Refresh < 1 Second


Example Business Case: Monthly Finance Report

Before Alteryx:

Using Excel, each month the process involves:

  1. Collect data sources
  2. Remove columns
  3. Rename columns
  4. Check data consistency
  5. Join data sources
  6. Perform complex calculations
  7. Check for errors
  8. Produce report

After Alteryx:

Build your workflow once, then each month:

  1. Collect data sources
  2. Run report in Alteryx



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