Sneaky AI: Specification Gaming and the Shortcomings of Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a very exciting field of study. It has always seemed like the stuff of science fiction. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more prevalent and ingrained in our society. Machine Learning, a sub-field of AI where computers learn how to solve a task by incrementally improving their performance, has become commonplace in a wide variety of industries and applications.

All Models Are Wrong

All Models Are Wrong
The three broad categories of assumptions made by statistical models are distributional assumptions (assumptions about the distribution of values in a variable or the distribution of observational errors), structural assumptions (assumptions about the functional relationship between variables), and cross-variation assumptions (joint probability distribution).

For example, a linear regression model assumes that the relationships between variables in a data set are linear (and only linear). In the eyes of a linear model, any distance between the observations that make up the data set and the modeled line is just noise (i.e., random or unexplained fluctuations in the data) and can ultimately be ignored.

Alteryx Analytics 2019.1

Alteryx Analytics 2019.1 is now released!

The major highlights in this release for analysts and data scientists are multi-select caching, additional charting options, and new Python Tool capabilities. For our IT and admins, we’ve dramatically simplified the admin experience with easier navigation in Server and model deployment scaling in Promote.

Velocity Business Solutions achieved Premier Status for 2019 as a part of Alteryx’s Partner Program

 IRVINE, California/HONG KONG, Jan. 28, 2019 – Velocity Business Solutions (Hong Kong), a leading data analytics firms, announced today that the company achieved a Premier Status for 2019 as a part of Alteryx’s Partner Program. The ‘Premier Status’ is the highest level in achievements for resellers, consulting and integration partners that demonstrate a highly successful track record of delivering unmatched value to Alteryx customers, contributing towards Alteryx’s platform that is revolutionizing business through data science and the growing culture of analytics.

Auto Documentation

We are excited to share with you all today, project AAD (Automated Alteryx Documentor). This customer-led initiative starts here, with a beta version of this customer-created Alteryx app.

Here’s how it works

An Alteryx Analytic App has been created to let you point to the workflow you would like to document.

How to Enrich Your Geographical Trade Areas with Demographic Information Using Alteryx

In order to maximise the accuracy of our outputs, we should look to obtain demographic information at the lowest level of detail we can find, and, the newest information we can find.

In the UK, the Office of National Statistics release mid-year population estimates, broken down by age and gender at the level of Lower Super Output Areas (commonly referred to as LSOAs). In the UK, LSOAs are geographical areas that contain some average of 1000 residents and 650 households, whilst other characteristics such as social homogeneity also play a role in defining their boundaries.

Vector and Raster: A Tale of Two Spatial Data Types

In the world of spatial analysis, there are two major varieties of data: vector and raster. The divide between these two data types and the people that use them has raged on for decades.

Although it is true that vector and raster data are both ways of representing spatial data, and most data can be represented as either vector or raster, the data types are very different, and each one can shine brighter than the other for different use cases and data sets.

Are You Passionate for Alteryx?

If you are proud and passionate about your Alteryx experience, why not advocate?  There are many benefits to advocacy that you may not have considered.  Here are just a few:

Building your personal brand. Advocacy allows you to promote your innovative and forward-thinking approaches to problem solving.