HKUST Saves 15 Hours/Month with Code Free Expense Allocation Model

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Overview of Use Case

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) was founded in 1989 as a research-focused university with the mission to advance learning and knowledge through teaching and research and assist in the economic and social development of Hong Kong.

What is Assisted Modeling?

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There has been a lot of excitement abuzz in the industry and the Alteryx community over the new Assisted Modeling features in Designer.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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With working from home - WFH - becoming the new normal, I’m constantly asking myself why I decided to live in a four floor walk up with no A/C and a tiny balcony, when I could be a lot more comfortable with more space (and A/C). Since I no longer have to worry about the commute, I can look a little bit out of the city centre.

Verifying Tax IDs With REGEX

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Have you ever found yourself putting data into some online application only to have it fire back that the format is incorrect? This could be things like a phone number, address, or in the bad example on the right, a name .

Typically, this is done through regular expressions, also known as REGEX functions.

Automate the Repetitive Stuff to Free Yourself Up to Focus on the Funner, Harder Stuff

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You know how amazing it would be to free up some of your time and look into more advanced topics in Alteryx or look into crazy, off the wall problems? You are not alone! I have wanted to continue looking into this and that in my spare time but for the longest time, I couldn’t. Why you might ask? I didn’t know how to automate my work from end to end and had to continue to manually do things.

5 MORE Useful Design Patterns in Alteryx You Need to Master

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Solution #6: Keeping Sort Order After a Summarize, Unique or Other Tools

Use Case:

You have data that you want to summarize or get rid of duplicates and in developing a workflow realize that the data gets automatically sorted on the output, but you would like to keep the order that the data is in or some order other than what is given, even with aggregation!

You can simply do this by adding a Record ID tool, and in the case of a Summarize tool, just use the Sort Order column as a ‘First’ or in the case of using the Unique tool just sort on that column after the Unique tool.