Alteryx Community Version 19.3

This article is by Alex Koszycki  and originally appeared on the Alteryx Nation Blog here:

Customer Support Improvements
We're happy to provide a few new features and enhancements to the Customer Support Case portal, including a more streamlined case submission process and a sharp new look for your open cases.

We All Start Somewhere

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Many users try Designer and never look back. In fact, many users try Designer, never look back, and go around telling folks they know about their experiences with Designer.

Bias Versus Variance

This article is by Sydney Firmin and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here:


There are two types of model errors when making an estimate; bias and variance.

All Models Are Wrong

This article is by Sydney Firmin and originally appeared on the Alteryx Data Science Blog here:

All Models Are Wrong
The three broad categories of assumptions made by statistical models are distributional assumptions (assumptions about the distribution of values in a variable or the distribution of observational errors), structural assumptions (assumptions about the functional relationship between variables), and cross-variation assumptions (joint probability distribution).

For example, a linear regression model assumes that the relationships between variables in a data set are linear (and only linear). In the eyes of a linear model, any distance between the observations that make up the data set and the modeled line is just noise (i.e., random or unexplained fluctuations in the data) and can ultimately be ignored.

Alteryx Analytics 2019.1

Alteryx Analytics 2019.1 is now released!

The major highlights in this release for analysts and data scientists are multi-select caching, additional charting options, and new Python Tool capabilities. For our IT and admins, we’ve dramatically simplified the admin experience with easier navigation in Server and model deployment scaling in Promote.