Alteryx Designer

Self-service data analytics made easy with
workflow repetition

Data analysts understand the time it takes to prep, blend, and analyze data, and the challenges. It usually requires various tools and different personnel to collect the data, screen and consolidate it from different sources, use additional tools to develop and produce analytic models, and finally deliver it to decision makers.

Traditional approaches to analytics usually return accurate results in weeks or months. However, with workflow repetition, you are able to receive insights in hours. All you need is one user-friendly interface to do everything you need to do: data preparation, data blending, and predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics.

Alteryx Designer is all about faster, more accurate results:

  • Prep and Blend Data - do both using only one interface and significantly accelerate your workflow
  • Predictive Analytics - say goodbye to complicated coding platforms, and hello to more than 30 drag-and-drop predictive tools based on the R language
  • Spatial Analytics - using techniques such as drive time, trade area, spatial matching, and point creation
  • Sharing Insights - with integrated reporting and analytics sharing into a repetitive workflow

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